Posted by: PossibilityPartners | May 16, 2015


I was having dinner with a dear friend the other evening, engaging in non-stop conversation about the launch of her new business, the challenges and gratifications with my new job, and on and on. The energy and enthusiasm being generated by our conversation was so real, so compelling. It carried us to a place of creativity and joy that neither of us could have generated without the other. The evening was intoxicating and left us feeling that anything was possible. And on our way out of the restaurant, my friend said, “We are possibility partners!” And thus this blog was launched.

This is not pie-in-the-sky thinking, but rather it’s the sky’s-the-limit thinking, depending on who you meet and how liberated you are from the tyranny of events and people having to be a certain way and meet certain predetermined expectations in order for you to fulfill on your possibilities. More on that in our next engagement here!

Wishing you much serendipity in your current and future possibility partnerships!



  1. Looking forward to hearing more from you Dianne!

  2. Thanks, Jackie. Appreciate your partnership!

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