Posted by: PossibilityPartners | May 18, 2015


Yesterday I talked about how Possibility Partners came into existence. Today I want to share why . . . everywhere I’ve been, whether it’s in my seven careers (I know I said seven but more on that later!) including Human Resources consulting for 15 years, or in my relationships with friends and family, always the focus has seemed to be on solving problems and building/repairing relationships.

At work and in relationships, the focus has historically been on need — what we need from you at work — what you need from us at work — what I need from you in our relationship — what I need from you as a parent — what I need from you as my child, etc. You get the picture.

It’s as if the main purpose for our existence is to meet one another’s needs. What if our main purpose for our existence is to co-create new futures, new possibilities together? Instead of fixing things and “working” on our relationships, what if we focused on engaging in WOW (way opening wider) conversations for possibility, trusting that relationships happen as a by-product of that focus rather than relationships being the main motivator?

My extensive work experiences and relationship experiences over the years have convinced me that the world is filled with “unleashed” potential waiting to be ignited. I hope you will join with me in creating possibility partners in your lives that will ignite that potential!

Wishing you much joy and serendipity (unanticipated good fortune) . . . Dianne

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