Posted by: PossibilityPartners | October 11, 2015

What’s Next Conversations

Instead of fixing what’s wrong, how about becoming possibility partners in conversations for creating what’s next — conversations that focus on what could be versus fixing what shouldn’t be?

Instead of a commitment and a process for change based on judgments of what’s wrong, I am proposing conversations of creativity and collaboration, based on co-creating new possibilities.

These “What’s Next” Conversations serve as magnets for energy fields of “WE,” that can accelerate the passion, excitement, and imagination residing within each of us humans.

Such acceleration can result in the collective unleashing of collaborations, ideas, and partnerships that exceed anything we could have imagined in co-creating new possibilities for a world that works for everyone on the planet!

Your thoughts?


  1. Great post, Dianne!

  2. Hi Dianne. I always thought you would make an excellent Alderwoman for just the opposite reasons that you cite here – because you ARE just the type of person who can fix what is wrong. Sometimes we NEED to move beyond more than just conversations into action. I am a process person by nature as well as by profession so I feel compelled to analyze and understand the logic behind getting from Point A to Point B. While I find conversations useful as a starting point, I ultimately feel dissatisfied with them as a result because they end in inaction. The conversations are the journey that prompt action – not the goal in and of themselves (lest we consider ourselves philosophers).

    On a less deep subject, I trust you are keeping well. It would be great to catch up when you have time. – Maribel

    • So appreciate your thoughts on this, Maribel. And we are so in alignment! Conversations are only the beginning of the process but I’m suggesting engaging in a particular kind of conversation that’s focused on creating what’s next vs. fixing what’s wrong to expand the “ideas” field in alignment with R. Buckminster Fuller’s eloquent quote, “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the old model obsolete.” I probably need to write more about my definition of Possibility Partners: A way of believing, being, and doing that ignites conversation, collaboration, creativity, and community in unleashing our purpose, power, and potential, to actualize new possibilities in the world for the greater good. I would love to catch up. And will follow up. Thanks so much for connecting! Dianne

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