Posted by: PossibilityPartners | November 4, 2019

Freedom To Choose

So I’m sitting in Livingston, MT, on a mini, self-directed, 3-day retreat in an RVBO, sans TV and companions.

First, I’m grateful for the technology that supports being connected wherever we are. I have my laptop for email and my Nook for books, my latest purchase being “Tame Your Terrible Office Tyrant.” I think that definitely will add insights into dealing with “CEO’s” for myself as well as for their employees.

And a dear friend emailed me about getting together, to which I responded with an enthusiastic “yes!” along with a suggestion for dates, a restaurant, and the possibility of seeing “Dead Man Walking” at the Chicago Lyric Opera. I realize in this unencumbered time of reflection that, despite often feeling isolated (living alone), I do HAVE friends. I simply need and want to do a better job of getting together with them.

BTW, with the experience of eliminating TV from my life temporarily, I am actually thinking I might eat better, exercise more, and heighten my socialization efforts with more frequent television bans. What a concept!

Initially when planning this retreat, I didn’t really consider the courage and initiative (to say nothing of the planning and organizing skills) needed to make the arrangements and engage in a new environment where one has to create their own agenda and plan.

I believe we human beings would benefit from engaging in such efforts periodically so we know we can. That way, we can avoid feeling trapped by our circumstances, whether it’s relationships that have run their course, jobs that no longer serve our needs, or habits that get in the way of feeding our souls.

In order to have freedom of choice I am suggesting, for your consideration, that we need to continually or periodically review or take stock of where we are, along with engage in continuous learning to support full participation in creating what’s next with enthusiasm, curiosity, courage, and vision. While pragmatism is a valuable and life-giving skill, it sometimes shuts down or limits the expansiveness and impact of new possibilities that can make a significant difference in our own lives along with contributing to the greater good.

With that, I’m off to explore Livingston, with the first stop at Coffee Crossing on 2nd Street and the second stop at Sacred Mysteries Bookstore.

Your thoughts?

Always with much love and care,


Human Resources Professional & Artist of Possibility

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